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Choose BigWheel School to revolutionize your school’s administrative processes, effortlessly register your institution, and experience a new era of academic excellence.

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Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.

Online Exam

Conduct secure and efficient exams online, ensuring a seamless assessment experience for students.

Daily Attendance

Easily manage and track daily attendance, promoting and transparency.

School Subscription

Benefits through our subscription service tailored to your school’s needs.

Fees Management

Streamline financial processes with comprehensive fee management and offering transparency.


Simplify front-office tasks with a dedicated reception module and coordination at the heart of your school.


Organized admission process, making enrollment hassle-free for both new students & staff.

Parents Dashboard

Engaged through a user-friendly dashboard, fostering collaboration between home and school.

Human Resource

Empower your school staff: Streamline hiring, growth, and performance.


Access detailed and insightful reports to make informed decisions and strategic planning.


Coordinate and promote school events effortlessly, creating a vibrant and connected school community.

ID Card Generator

Generate professional ID cards for students and staff, adding an extra layer of security to your school.

Payment Gateway

Provide a secure & convenient payment experience for parents, transactions for tuition & more.


Pricing Plan

Unlock the full potential of BigWheel School with our flexible and affordable pricing plans designed to cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Bigwheel School Management System is a comprehensive software solution for educational institutions.
Yes, it’s highly customizable to meet your institution’s specific needs.
Yes, it has an intuitive interface for easy use by both administrators and teachers.
Features include student data management, attendance tracking, exam management, and financial tools.
It facilitates efficient communication through announcements, circulars, and portals for parents and students to access academic information.

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